GRP Tanking circular aqua cultural

 Aqua cultural GRP Fibreglass Tanks 

Complete Composites have manufactured parts & products for several clients in the marine sector and have considerable experience in the manufacture of large fish tanks.

We can also supply and commission standard circular tanks in 3 and 5 meter diameter for both in-ground and over ground use. Our tanks have been used for land based trials in aquaculture by BIM Bird Iascaigh Mhara.

The main advantages of GRP for marine applications are:

  • Environmental resistance, including freedom from rotting, corrosion, rusting
  • Ability to mould seamless, complex shaped structures
  • Ability to tailor strength to suit loading conditions
  • Excellent strength to weight characteristics – GRP marine structures are generally half the weight of equivalent steel structures.
  • Low maintenance and ease of repair
  • Excellent durability